What do you need to think about when choosing a shower?

What do you need to think about when choosing a shower?

What do you need to think about when choosing a shower?

Before buying a new shower, the first things you'll need to consider are your water pressure and the type of domestic water system you have on your property.

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First Find out Water Pressure?

The water pressure in your home will influence how powerful your shower is, and affect the type of appliance you will need.  Each tap or shower will be rated with a minimum required pressure rating, typically between 0.1 and 3.0 Bar.

Know Your Water System

Different water and heating systems may affect your choice of showers. Homes are generally built with one of three types of water system.

  • Gravity fed system: It's called a low pressure gravity system because the water is kept under pressure via the gravity-fed water delivered from the cistern.
  • Combi boiler system: A combination or 'combi' boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains when you turn on a tap, so you won't need a hot water storage cylinder or a cold water storage tank in the roof space.
  • Unvented system: An Unvented Hot Water Cylinder is a pressurized system which is fed directly from the cold mains water feed and therefore can deliver hot water at mains pressure, which is great for improving the performance of your shower and bath.


Types of Showers:

  • Electric showers
  • Mixer showers
  • Power showers
  • Digital showers


Electric Showers:


If you’ve been searching for the best shower option for your home, you’ve probably come across electric showers. Electric showers take a cold water feed and heat the water over an electric element to supply water at your chosen temperature through the shower head.


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Digital Showers:


Unlike a traditional shower, a digital shower boasts a digital thermostat within the shower unit. ... The water inside the shower is controlled by a thermostat, which mixes both hot and cold water. If you currently have a power shower with a low pressure system and are thinking of switching to a digital shower, it may be that the water pressure won't be quite as strong.

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Mixer Showers:


Mixer showers take water from both the hot and cold water supplies for you to get your optimum temperature using an easy to use valve or lever handle. Basically, it's a shower that connects to both cold and hot water supplies in your home. They are intended for use with either low or high pressure water supplies and will not increase the low pressure of a water flow.

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Power Showers:

 Power showers are also known as Pumped showers. They offer a middle ground solution for households with low water pressure. Power showers work in the same way as mixer showers, combining hot and cold water to a pre-set temperature.

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Shower Valves:


If you decide to opt for a mixer shower then you will have a further decision to make! There are a fabulous range of shower valves on the market which are the perfect accessories for your mixer shower. Shower valves are basically the controls which allow you to select the temperature and control of the water.

There are Three Types of Shower Valves:

  1. One (Single) Outlet Shower Valves
  2. Two (Dual) Outlet Shower Valves
  3. Three (Triple) Outlet Shower Valves

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So, These are the types of showers to buy online or from any bathroom showroom in England. But still there is an important thing to consider is a Brand. There are some popular brands who sell showers of high quality and best price. Vado Showers, Tavistock Showers, Aqualisa Showers, Burlington Showers, and many more. If you want to buy any shower you should go with these brands without any doubt.


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