VADO Showers UK – Extra ordinary brassware brand

VADO Showers UK – Extra ordinary brassware brand

There is a difference between bathing and having shower. When you take a bath, you have to put little effort in applying water to your body. While having shower, you just have to turn on the taps and then you can have a wonderful bath that will make you feel rejuvenated. So presenting you the best showers in the UK from a leading manufacturer named Vado Showers, where you will find the best quality shower packages and also high quality taps. Let's get some information about Complete Shower Set :-

This comprises all the products related to showers such as shower heads, lever controls, shower faucets and shower valves.

  • Shower Head :- This is the thing from which the water comes out after turning on the shower. Sometimes, the handling of temperature and flow of water is done by Shower Faucet. Get your favourite shape of shower hand from Vado Showers.

  • Shower valve :- it is used to set the water temperature and flow. There are so many types of shower valve which are listed below :-
  1. Vado Exposed shower valve :- This shower valve is located on the wall and everyone can see it. You will find exquisite and elegant shower valves.
  2. Vado Thermostatic shower valve :- This shower wall will allow each person to get the desired temperature of water for their desired time period. Horizontal and vertical thermostatic shower valves are available on Vado Prima thermostatic shower valves.

  1. Vado Altitude Shower Valve :- It's sleek design and super stainless steel products will satisfy every customer's wish of having an amazing bathroom. This will come with one, two or three outlets as per our customer's needs.
  2. Vado Bar shower valve :- This shower valve is simply designed and comes in the shape of a bar. This is the best shower valve to buy as it alloys hot and cold water before sending it outside through the shower head.

When it comes to Vado Showering, you will find great deals on Vado Showering Packages. If you want to save your time that could be spent on selecting different products of Vado Showers UK, then you can go for the Vado Shower Column, where you will get all the products that are needed for showers in the bathroom. Furthermore, there are so many varieties, shapes and gold, silver colours are available for shower sets in the newest series named Vado Velo Shower Column from Vado.

Taps improve the show of the bathroom and hence it is necessary that the tap is chosen perfectly and according to the one's need. We design every tap very carefully as each and every drop of water matters. Vado has launched a wonderful collection of taps as following :-

  • Vado, an extraordinary brassware brand, provides Vado Basin Mixers, from which you can get a mixture of hot and cold water from a single spout. The tap that comes from Vado Kovera Basin Tap, is very slick in design and has a single lever to manage the temperature and flow of water.
  • Talking about the Vado mono basin mixer tap, it also blanks the hot and cold water and then allows it to flow through a single spout and single tap. You will find exotic range from Vado, which provides lots of varieties in mono basin mixer tap. The wonderful series from Vado are :-
    • Vado Kovera Mono basin mixer tap :- it comes with a simple design that looks elegant and pleases every customer with its simplicity.
    • Vado Notion Extended Mono basin mixer tap :- it provides flow and temperature control using single lever and tall basin mixer tap.
    • Vado Life Mini Mono basin mixer tap :- The cheapest and the most durable taps are available here.
  • If you need a combination of functional yet stylish taps at the lowest rate then you must select Vado Thermostatic bath shower mixer taps.

Here comes the most unique and innovative collection from Vado, Sensori collection. This works for Digital showers and taps using remote controls. This ensures the temperature stabilization and one can feel free from the pressure of water as it takes care of the water pressure, too.

So, decorate your bathroom using the products of Vado Showers with the best quality and guarantee. Don't forget to tell us about your experience with Vado at

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