Things to Consider Before Buying a Freestanding Bath

Things to Consider Before Buying a Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath appears to have the greatest appeal in all the latest trends in bathroom design. With the variety of choices available these days, they can suit traditional or contemporary bathroom styles. However, with so many different freestanding baths available, the task of finding the perfect one can be a bit overwhelming. You might be confused regarding the optimal bath size, materials or the type of design you should go for.

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The following are the most important factors to consider before buying freestanding bathtubs online UK:

  • Plan your position

Decide where in the room your bath will go. A good place to put it is close to a window – locating a bath next to or one really adds to the bathing experience. Keep in mind that, depending on the chosen design, baths might take up extra space. Also, a common mistake people tend to make is that they only measure the place where they intend to put the bath, but they forget about the additional space plumbing will consume. You need to think about the functionality of your space, not just the aesthetics. To buy freestanding bathtubs online in UK is easy but to place it in your bathroom is a challenge for most of UK homes.

  • Proper size of a freestanding bath for your bathroom

The size of the bath you will choose depends on the size of the bathroom where you intend to place it. Think about how you want to use the bath since you have to consider your comfort if you wish to use it for longer soaks. You might need to measure the space or area where the bath is supposed to be installed.

  • Choose your style

There are many styles of freestanding bath to choose from. You could go for traditional or modern, or opt for one with feet or one without – the list is endless. When choosing your tub, think about the impact you want your bathroom to make. You can certainly find the right style of freestanding bath that will complement the look of your bathroom. There are many choices available now in terms of style. Slipper bathtubs are designed for resting comfortably because one end is higher. Most freestanding baths are white. But to make a classic and luxurious look you should go with traditional bathtubs, check Burlington Traditional Freestanding Baths Online UK. You will love each and every traditional freestanding bath of them, and they are available at affordable prices and cost.

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  • Try Floor standing Back to Wall Baths to Save Space

Floor standing back to wall baths online are a more contemporary version of the freestanding bathtubs. This wonderful tub makes a real statement, while the rest of the scheme forms a soft, muted backdrop.

  • Material

The material of your choice will likely determine your tub. The first freestanding baths were made of copper, but today, they can be made of acrylic, steel, stone resin, etc. Acrylic is a commonly used material because it is affordable, light and easy to maintain. It can also absorb and retain heat easily. Acrylic baths come in a variety of designs as well.

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  • Which bath tap to choose?

When it comes to taps, you can opt for either floor-mounted bath taps or a wall-mounted tap. Bath taps are either:

  1. Single handled (controlled by one handle)
  2. Double handled (controlled by two handles)

Wall-mounted bath taps are installed through the bathroom wall, which might bring an additional burden on your budget as it will probably require extra work around your plumbing. Alternatively, floor-standing bath taps are installed to the side of your bath or directly from the floor.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you’re looking for a stunning new Bath and installation isn’t a problem, then buying a freestanding bathtub online might be best for you. Choosing a floor-standing bath gives you more freedom to dictate the style and positioning of your new bathtub, helping you achieve that dream bathroom design. It could be fun to create something unusual and personal in your home, either in the corner of a bedroom, as these homeowners have done, or anywhere else that would work for you.

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