Know about Bristan Showers – Highly Durable, Best in Style, Performance, and Quality

Know about Bristan Showers – Highly Durable, Best in Style, Performance, and Quality

The shower is a necessity of the modern-day bathroom. It not gives you a pleasant bathing experience but also helps you to make your mind and body relax. Therefore, you need to make a careful selection of your bathroom shower and other important accessories such as Bristan shower valves, bar shower mixer, bath shower mixer taps, Exposed Shower Valves with Diverter or Dual Outlet Shower Valves or Single Outlet Shower Valves, and other as per the custom need of your Luxury Bathrooms UK.

In the UK, Bristan is a prominent taps and showers manufacturing company that offers the best products with utmost quality and standards. It frequently introduces the latest designs by comprehending the recent trends and also maintains the olden day’s classic styles.

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You need to know all about showers before you buy showers for your best bathrooms online. When you go to buy a new shower, you need to ensure the water pressure and the local water system in your home. This will help you to buy a perfect shower for your bathroom.

Bristan offers different types of showers as below.

Bristan Bar Shower Mixer (Thermostatic Mixer Shower)

  • The Bar Shower Mixer of Bristan does not require recessing within the wall. It is simple to use and install. It is a thermostatic bar shower that offers the best performance, convenience, and safety.
  • It mixed the cold and hot water supply and creates a desirable and safe temperature before it reaches the head of the shower.
  • Its smart thermostatic technology controls the temperature to avoid any unexpected spikes and discontinue the flow of water completely in case of any failure of cold water supply. This makes a completely safe showering experience and reduces the risk of scalding.
  • In addition, with its unique Safe Touch technology, it enables to continue cold water supply surrounding the hot water that makes possible the bar shower valve to keep cool always for safety.

Thus, the bar shower mixer from Bristan offers you an excellent showering experience and its thermostatic shower technology helps in continually maintain the chosen temperature all through your showering time.

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Bristan Electric Shower
  • As a renowned manufacturing company of electric showers, Bristan offers a different range of electric showers such as Bristan Bliss, Joy, Smile, and Glee.
  • These types of showers are the most popular at Bene Bathrooms in the UK. It is simple and quick to install and these types of showers comprise their heating element that needs only a cold water supply.
  • Bristan Electric Showers are easy to use and offer perfect style with a high gloss finish and digital display.
  • Its intuitive flow selector and touch control power combined with a temperature dial, separately makes it easy to operate.
  • It is a very economical option and useful for shower rooms and ensuite bathrooms.

Bristan Shower Valves

  • This popular brand of UK offers the best quality shower valves with different types such as Bristan shower valves, Exposed Shower Valves with Diverter, Dual Outlet Shower Valves, Single Outlet Shower Valves, and Triple Outlet Shower Valves with different range and styles.
  • You can select the finest range that most suitable for your shower area. Bristan offers a superior collection of shower valves from traditional to modern design with different types and finishes such as brass type with chrome finish.
  • Its utmost features include dual control to manage the temperature and flow separately and offer precise control to both.
  • In addition, automatic shut off in case of any failure in the cold and hot water supply as well as a thermostatic cartridge to maintain showering temperature and many other features.
  • It is highly durable and suitable for all plumbing systems.
  • The shower valves offer by Bristan are highly durable with the utmost quality and standards.

Bristan Taps & Mixer Taps

  • If you are looking for basin mixer taps, basin taps, bath filler taps, bath shower mixer taps, or kitchen taps, Bristan offers superior styles and designs that give an elegant touch to your fittings.
  • For your modern/classic kitchen or bathroom, the finest collection of taps and mixer taps from smooth bath taps to sleek or crosshead styled mono basin mixers, you will find no alternative to these quality products.
  • Its basin mixers combine cold and hot water suppliers inside the cartridge within the body of the tap. These basin mixers are simple to use and give your desired temperature as you need.
If you are looking for the most durable and quality showers and accessories such as Bristan shower valves, bar shower mixer, bar shower valves, basin mixer taps, and others for your luxury bathroom in the UK, write us at to get the best deal to buy bathroom products.
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