Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Tap for Your Bathroom

Best Tips to Choose the Perfect Tap for Your Bathroom

Taps are the most important element for your bathroom. With thousands of different designs on the market, the sheer choice can be mindboggling which may lead to taps being bought that are unsuitable. Nowadays Vado, Bristan, and Tavistock Bathroom Taps are leading in UK Market of brassware.

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We will now point out some important details for you: considerations that are often overlooked when choosing this essential tap for the bathroom.


Pressure of Water:

Your water pressure determines which taps you have in your bathroom, so it’s important that you’re aware of this beforehand. Check this factor before choosing any particular tap, or have it measured by your plumber. In fact mixers and wall-mounted taps require a good deal more water pressure than two separate taps mounted directly on the washbasin. Making sure your water pressure is best suited to that particular product is essential to making the most of your purchase.

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Taps are sold separately from your fixtures, so you need to make sure they’re compatible. Generic taps will fit generic fixtures, but some are designed to only fit one type.

A Number of Tap holes:

Your choice of sanitary-ware dictates the type of tap of should buy. Take note of the number of tap holes on your bath, basin or bidet as your tap will need to match.


Choose a Right Style Tap for your bathroom:

There are two types of style in bathroom taps. One is modern bathroom taps, and the other one is traditional or classic bathroom taps. The important thing is to either choose something that is in tune with the other fittings in the bathroom or that represents a total break or contrast with them. Basins with traditional pillar taps and baths with ornate bath shower mixers evoke a timeless elegance that never looks dated.  Contemporary taps are available with modern features such as waterfall spouts and touch-sensitive operation.


Now, we will consider Types of Bath & Basin Taps

Mono Basin Mixer Taps:

Mono Basin Mixer Taps are relatively self explanatory once you’ve deciphered their fancy name.  If you're looking for simple and minimalistic alternative to basin taps in the bathroom then a Basin Mixer Tap is certainly the way to go. Mono basin mixer taps are compact taps which are designed for basins with one tap hole.

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Basin Taps – Pair:

Basin Pillar Taps Available in a pair for hot and cold water, our range features both modern and traditional design. Basin Pillar taps is considered to be a more traditional style of tap, and can be used in two-hole baths and basins.

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Bath Taps – Pair:

A new pair of Bath taps is an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom. Separate bath pillar taps for hot and cold water is often the best way to get a higher flow rate from low pressure systems.

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Bath Shower Mixer Taps:

A thermostatic bath shower mixer tap is typically a bar valve fixing that has both taps and a shower built into it meaning the user can have the best of both worlds, combining the functions of a tap and a shower. Creating the right temperature with the mix tap gives you the chance to mix the hot and cold water. Shower mixer taps contain a clever diverter mechanism, sending water directly to a showerhead which fits into the tap, removing the need for any extra plumbing or a pump.

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Bath Spouts:

Bath spouts are bath fillers with the water control valve situated away from the main water spout. Mounting of Bath Spouts in Deck Mounted. You can give your bathroom a designer edge by adding a Deck mounted bath spout. Enjoy enhanced bathing experience with this stylish and luxurious bath spout available at Bene Bathrooms.

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Bath Filler Taps:

A bath filler tap is designed purely to fill your bath with water. The bath filler comes as one piece with the chance to fill the bath with both the hot and cold taps leading out of one pipe.

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Bidet Mixer Taps:

Bidet mixer taps have all the characteristics of basin mixers with single and dual levers, some include wastes and come in a range of finishes from chrome to silver and gold.

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Now that you have a few precise technical indications to guide you in choosing your tap, you can give free rein to your imagination. If you are looking for Best Bathroom taps for your dream bathroom, then Checkout the latest and superb collection of Basin & Bath taps at Bene Bathrooms Now!

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