Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Bathrooms are one of the most important personal spaces in a house where we usually begin and end our day. Before you browse for bathroom furniture, think about what you need to put away in the bathroom itself. Bathroom furniture comes in all shapes and forms, from compact mirror cabinets to large toilet and sink combination units. Whether you are looking for bathroom furniture that is traditional or modern we will have the piece to best match your bathroom space such is the range on offer. The most important thing to consider to choose your furniture is a space you have for additional furniture. Wall hung vanity units are ideal choice when you have limited space. Here are some types of bathroom furniture you can consider to buy.

Mirror Cabinets

A mirrored bathroom cabinet allows you to look your best whilst keeping your bathroom looking tidy. Mirror cabinets are fantastic way to create an illusion of spaciousness in the bathroom. Wall mounted cabinets are very useful in bathrooms with limited space, as are mirror cabinets that can be placed above the basin.

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Vanity Units

Bathroom vanity units combine functionality with an aesthetic appeal. More often than not, they have a basin fitted into the top, either fully or semi-inset. As well as offering additional counter top space, the cupboard underneath can be used to store bathroom essentials. If you love the wall hung look then you will find wall hung vanity units are available. If you want to create a really imposing focal point for your bathroom then choose floor standing vanity units.

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Back to Wall Toilet Cistern Units

A Back to Wall toilet unit is a sleek and intelligent solution to smaller bathrooms or en-suite bathrooms, giving an utterly modern style and feel. If you are looking to create a minimalist look for your bathroom then check out the range of toilet units. Toilet units also offer you an extra work top above the toilet to create even more storage space.

Basin & Toilet Units (Combination Units)

These units combine a basin and storage cupboard with a back to wall toilet with hidden cistern, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms or used as cloakroom furniture, or if you just want to create a minimalist look. Combination units give a coordinated and tailored finished, they are great for contemporary bathrooms. Combination furniture is a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

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Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Adding a bathroom storage cabinet to your space is a good furniture solution whatever the size of your bathroom. These cabinets are wall hung so they don’t take up any floor space. At Bene Bathrooms, we offer floor standing storage units that may have open shelves for storage, have multiple drawers or come with shelves hidden behind a small cabinet door. Tall storage units are also known as Tallboys, can be floor standing or wall-mounted and are perfect for storing things such as extra towels, toilet rolls or toiletries.

Some General Points:-

  • Take your time to think when choosing your style of furniture, Do you want to create a period classic look for your bathroom or you want to give a complete modern look to your bathroom? Choice is all yours!
  • Consider your bathroom design, current and future needs, and budget in deciding the right bathroom furniture for your requirements.
  • Bathroom retailers are the best places to start your search for good bathroom furniture. If however you're on a budget or just want something a little bit different in your bathroom, then start your search for bathroom furniture
  • Try not to mix and match too many different colours and finishes as the final result might look very confused and cluttered.
  • Corner furniture, whether floor-standing or wall mounted, can enable you to create extra storage in a small bathroom.
  • There are plenty of options for furniture, ranging from bathroom cabinets to stylish towel rails and clever space-saving vanity units to cunning shelving solutions.
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